Voice Longger

Our Voice Logger will help you in giving good customer services by logging and recording all the calls so that the higher management can listen to them and improve the ways of functioning of your business, thereby making it more popular. Our voice logging tool works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital and VoIP telephone lines. If the evaluation is done properly and continuously by the higher management, it enables the organization in functioning properly. Our voice logger can be used in all kind of organizations including call centers, banks, hospitals, universities, business person, enquiry departments etc. A voice logger is a device that is used to record audio from telephones, microphones, radio and various other sources. Voice logger basically helps organizations by recording the voice using its intelligence. An efficient network requires an efficient communication system. By using our product, it is now easy to have a hassle free communication network. You can record many telephone lines in single computer system. Depending on the USB/PCI port availability on your computer, you can use our product for different lines. You can also access telephone recording list from network and you can monitor the calls live from network PC.