Computer Hardware and Networking

Computer Hardware and Networking We have very deep industry knowledge which helps us in providing the best solution to all our customers. Our clients range from small scale businesses to those of very large firms. We believe in providing best services and solutions to everyone. We keep a very outwardly approach towards our work which helps us in growing our business and providing best services to you. We keep automating our tasks so that it increases the efficiency and minimizes manual work. We aim to achieve high reliability of service by application of best practice methodology which is tried and tested thoroughly by our team.

We value your business and so we endeavor to give you the true services that you need. Our staffs are regularly trained to keep up with the latest technologies of the ever changing IT field.

We offer the following services to assist you for all your Networking needs:

1. Local Area Network (LAN) Setup and Maintenance.

2. Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup and Maintenance.

3. Network Security.

4. Internet Sharing.

5. Firewall Setup.

6. Troubleshooting.